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Elegantini terms & conditions

“We”, “us”: The company providing the services: company registered in England and Wales No 10023893
“You”, “Client”: The customer requesting the provision of the services.
“The Housekeeper” or “The Introduced Housekeeper”: A self employed
person introduced by us to you who will perform the works of general housekeeping of your home.
“Services” means the cleaning and housekeeping services as agreed with your housekeeper 
“Site” means the place or places identified as the place or places where the services are to be performed.
These Terms of Business are the only terms on which Elegantini contracts with its clients and any other terms put forward by the client are excluded.
Elegantini Obligations and Services:
We will register housekeepers to be introduced to clients only after they have completed our registration process. This includes: a telephone interview, a home interview visit, DBS certificate, induction session, telephone reference checks.
Once we have completed the registration process for you, we will inform you of the housekeeper’s name and start date. The confirmation email with a schedule will confirm payment details. A breakdown of our agency fees and the cost of your housekeeper will be clear on the schedule.
The email will require you to complete registration of a payment plan.
This is a partner company Gocardless which offers security to your bank and personal details.
If your housekeeper is unavailable to attend at any time, we cannot guarantee cover, we also cannot guarantee cover. 
If you are not happy with your housekeeper and wish to have another housekeeper, we will replace your housekeeper if possible, however we do not guarantee a timeframe for the replacement. At times we may not have an available housekeeper in your area and will require a period of not having a service until a suitable housekeeper is found.
We hold a continuous professional Employer and Public Liability insurance cover. All housekeepers are not employed by Elegantini Ltd. All housekeepers are self-employed and working under the instruction and supervision of the client. The housekeepers will only use client’s cleaning products and appliances.
We cannot be held accountable for attendance or punctuality of housekeepers due to being self-employed. If a dispute arises between you and the housekeeper communication must be done in writing within 24 hours of the dispute to us. We will not knowingly send a housekeeper under that age of 18 years.
We will request all housekeepers do not take large bags other than small handbags onto the premises and we will relay to all housekeepers to comply to security procedures in place. We cannot be held responsible if the housekeeper do not comply to these procedures.
Commencement and Duration
This agreement starts on the date the housekeeper is introduced to you.
You are not held to a contract and can leave the contract at any time. On termination, all payments to the housekeeper and agency need to be paid up to date. The contract will continue until it is terminated by yourself or us. If you wish to terminate your contract, this
must be done in writing and giving 1 weeks’ notice.
Fees and Payment
We will deduct monies due for cleaning every two weeks via our secure online payment plan (Go-Cardless). A cancellation charge will be instructed to you of 1 hour agency fee and 1 hour payment to the housekeeper, if you cancel in a period of 24 hours before your housekeeper is due or the housekeeper cannot gain access to your home. It is your responsibility to make sure all monies due are paid each week. All charges are quoted exclusive of VAT. Housekeepers are to be paid by you and paid on the day of the clean or the day after at the latest.
This arrangement should be agreed with you and the housekeeper and Elegantini do not involve themselves in this arrangement. All charges are subject to an increase at any time and the discretion of Elegantini Ltd. We will give 1 calendar months’ notice of any increases of charges and you are able to terminate the contract giving 1 calendar months’ notice.  Refunds cannot be considered for missed cleans when the cleaning hours have been lost due to event beyond our reasonable control (Acts of God or Force Majeure). This may include, but is not limited to fire, flood, weather conditions, civil and industrial disturbances, power surges or failure and delays or failures by suppliers, subcontractors, utility companies, telephone companies, or other company providers.
Your Obligations
You will grant access for the housekeeper to the property during the agreed hours and will take reasonable steps to ensure the housekeepers are not obstructed in their duties by yourself or any visitors to the property. You will explain all alarm and security measures to the housekeeper at the start of the contract and will notify any changes before they are put into effect if you wish the housekeeper to attend the property when you are not there. Any call-out charges or other costs arising due to activation of alarms will be your responsibility and not  Elegantini or the housekeeper, even in the event that the alarm is activated by a housekeeper. You will ensure the premises are adequately lit and remain safe for work and you comply with all statutory requirements for the health and safety at work for the housekeeper. We may withdraw a housekeeper from your premises if they or us feel they may be exposed to undue risk or danger. If you wish a housekeeper to hold keys, they will ensure no personal reference to the property is made on the key or key ring. The key remains the property of yourself and can be returned at your request at any time during the contract. We cannot be held responsible for the loss or stolen keys and replacement locks. Elegantini do advise you to have a security box at the property to allow the housekeeper to access the key and then deposit the key back to the security box when leaving. You will provide cleaning equipment for the housekeeper and you will keep all equipment in good working condition. Cleaning equipment should be replaced regularly and we cannot be held accountable for 
wear and tear on these products. Hoovers and other cleaning equipment, must be kept in good working order by the client. The filters must be cleaned at least once a month by the client and bags disposed of by the client. The housekeeper has the right to refuse to use any equipment they deem as to be not in working order or could harm themselves. You agree to provide the housekeeper with clear work instructions and supervise housekeeper activities within your property. The housekeeper is self-employed and will be supervised by your instructions. You will not request the housekeeper to perform any work outside of the general housekeeping services listed on our website. All extra services need to be approved by us first in accordance with our insurance. In particular;
Will not request the housekeeper to be involved in child care, baby-sitting or
Personal care assistance.
Will not work outside the property requesting any gardening duties, bin cleaning, outside window cleaning or dog walking.
Will not request prescription collection.
Will not request any cleaning where a ladder or similar aid is to be used and will be working alone. If you require your cleaning day or hours to change, you must inform us immediately. We cannot guarantee immediate cover to any change of days or hours.
You agree to not undertake any further cleaning hours without instruction to us and further payment made to us. An agreement between you and your housekeeper will be made for appropriate bank holidays, holiday time off. You must notify us within 24 hours of any breakage or damage caused by the housekeeper in writing with photographic evidence.
Insurance Cover

Housekeepers registered to the agency are covered by our public liability insurance. Clients are advised to use their own insurance for property and goods in the home.

Elegantini Ltd will have no liability to you for any loss of or damage to a property of yours except to the extent that the loss or damage is:
Caused by the proven and factual evidence of malicious fault of  your housekeeper. This would be 
Is covered by the public liability insurance maintained by us.
The terms of insurance cover are available upon request. An excess of £250 is set for any claim against our insurance. The insurers decision is final and binding on all parties. Our insurance cover begins on receiving your payment and contract. Cover will immediately cease if your account falls into arrears.

Liability Exclusion 

To the extent that such exclusions are allowed at law and excepting claims for bodily injury or death due to negligence on the part of Elegantini or any introduced housekeepers. Elegantini does not accept any responsibility for any type of damage or loss to the customer or the customer goods or premises even if the terms and conditions are breached by housekeeper whether willfully or negligently in contract or in deficit in breach of expres or implied terms which includes omision of duty by a housekeeper.

Elegantini accepts no liability for any failure of service in any way relating to the terms and conditions including acts of gods.

Client Complaints
Any complaint about the performance of a housekeeper must be made in writing to us within 24 hours of the occurrence and we will take all the necessary action, without cost to you to investigate and (unless it reasonably considers that the complaint was not justified) take any necessary remedial action. In the absence of a complaint it will be assumed that you are satisfied with your housekeeper and the service they provide.
Suspension of Services
Failure by you to pay any payments due or comply with any of its other obligations under the terms and conditions will entitle us to suspend its services under the cleaning contract until you have complied with its obligations.
Either party may terminate the contract at any time, Elegantini Ltd ask you for 1 weeks’ notice and by written notice. Either party may also terminate the contract in writing if the other:
Elegantini reserve the right to cancel an agreement at any time if the housekeepers or staff of Elegantini are treated disrespectfully. 
Become insolvent, or has a liquidator, receiver or administrator appointed, or
Commits a breach of the contract and, in the case of a breach that cannot  be remedied, fails to remedy itself within 21 days after written notice requiring it to be remedied.

If you terminate the contract, you agree to compensate Elegantini Ltd in full of any monies due to the company.
Force Majeure
Elegantini Ltd will not be liable for any failure in the performance of any of its obligations under the terms and conditions and contract caused by factors outside its control. Any such event will be notified as soon as possible and we will take all reasonable steps to overcome the problem and resume its obligations.
All information acquired by Elegantini Ltd relating to you will be treated as confidential and we will not make any use or disclosure of it. We will, if requested by you in writing, require the housekeeper to enter into a written confidentiality undertaking. You will also
keep confidential all information you obtain concerning our business. The confidentiality
obligation will survive termination of the contract.
No Soliciting of Our Cleaners/Housekeepers
During the contract and for 2 years after the termination of the contract, you will not directly or indirectly solicit either on its own account or on behalf of any third party the services of any housekeepers introduced to you by Elegantini Ltd. You will be liable to pay compensation to Elegantini Ltd for up to £5000 in agency fees for loss of earnings of
any person who is induced to leave Elegantini Ltd.
We will have liability to you (in the contract or in tort) for any loss of income, loss of profit or any other indirect or consequential loss. Elegantini’s liability for any breach of contract or negligence in any month will be limited to the charges payable during that month. However, liability for death or injury caused by the negligence of Elegantini is not limited.

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