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  • How are Elegantini Housekeepers registered to the agency?
    All of our housekeepers complete a strict registration procedure before they can register to the agency. First we telephone interview the housekeeper to make sure they meet our requirements, which includes at least 1 years' experience in housekeeping or cleaning. The next stage is an interview in their own home. The final stage is a trial to test their cleaning and ironing along with requesting 2 references. All housekeepers must have a basic DBS to complete the registration to the agency.
  • Can I choose my Housekeeper?
    Elegantini will introduce a housekeeper to you that we feel would be a suitable match to your requirements, for your home. We try to match the right housekeeper as we understand, it is important that you feel comfortable with the housekeeper in your home. After they have completed their first housekeeping session with you, Elegantini will call you to make sure you are happy with the services they provided. It is important to give as much feedback as possible, this way the housekeeper will want to eliminate any issues you may have in the first few weeks. If you are not happy with the housekeeper afrter a few weeks or wish to change housekeepers, we will arrange this for you.
  • What Happens If My Housekeeper is unwell or unable to make an appointment?
    Your Housekeeper will contact you as soon as they know they are unable to attend. As we work hard to find the right housekeeper for you, we do not replace the housekeeper when they are occasionally sick. However, if the housekeeper is off for 2 weels or more, we do try to arrange another housekeeper for you if you request a replacement, though we do not guarentee a replacement for you. Our clients only pay for the hours the housekeeper attends.
  • Am I tied to a contract?
    No, you are not tied to a contract, we only ask for a minimum of 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel one weeks cleaning. If you do not wish to have our service anymore, we ask for 1 weeks’ notice in writing.
  • Is my Housekeeper insured?
    All our housekeepers are covered by public liability insurance. If a housekeeper does unfortunately break or damage an item in your home our insurance will cover for this, however we do have a £200 excess in place with our insurance for any claims, this is payable by the client.
  • Can I choose the day my housekeeper comes?
    When Elegantini comes to meet with you, they will discuss your prefences on a particular day. We try to accomodate a time and day that works best for you, however some days are very popular and we cannot always offer the day you wish, but will let you know if availability for that day comes available in the future.
  • Do I need to be in when my housekeeper comes?
    No you do not need to be in, we have a secure key system in place with our housekeepers, please ask for more details.
  • How do I pay for my service?
    The payment starts from £18.10 per hour. This is broken down - £3.10 per hour is payable to the agency and £15.00 is payable to housekeeper. The agency fee is made via GoCardless a trusted Direct Debit platform bank. The housekeeper fee is paid directly to housekeeper on the day of the service and all housekeepers are happy to accept payment via bank transfer.
  • Do I have to use Elegantini's cleaning products?
    No, your housekeper will use your cleaning products. Elegantini understand that our clients like different cleaning products and smells. Some of our clients have antique furniture, that needs to be cleaned in a certainw way. Other clients have allergies or would prefer to use eco-friendly products. The housekeepers are happy to use the products you know are best for your home. Please note we do not recommend the use of bleech in any home.
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