Summer Housekeeping Projects for all the Family

August 20, 2019


We are now in the middle of the summer holidays and before you know it, the kids will be back to school and the summer holiday will be a distant memory. With the summer holidays being the longest period of time the children are home, you can use the time to set mini family projects to help de-clutter and clean the home. Here are a few we have thought of that will help keep the kids entertained and keep the house tidy at the same time.




De-clutter the wardrobes and toy cupboards

Children grow up so fast and the start of the school year is just around the corner, let the children help sort out their wardrobes and drawers of old clothes that do not fit them and make room for the new uniforms for September. Some schools have an opportunity to offer old uniforms to help other children or local charity shops are always grateful for the clothes. Children get bored of toys and games very quickly, if they have not played with them for months, let another child have fun with them and this will make more room in the toy box. Allowing the children to help organise their clothes and tidy toy cupboards into organised boxes will help their skills grow to keep things tidy in the future.



Garage Sale

After the de-cluttering and sorting, this is an ideal time to have a garage sale or sort out all the old toys and kitchen gadgets that the kids and you don’t use anymore to give them to a local charity. Get the children involved in setting up for the sale with making signs and pricing the items. On the day of the sale, let them help, this will be good opportunity to practice their maths skills.






Setting Kids Chores

Young children love to help and want to feel involved, as they grow, they are less willing but if you start early with setting basic chores for them this will continue and grow as they get older. Let them get involved by setting small chores each week, this will give them a sense of achievement and allow them to take a responsibility for certain jobs in the house. As they grow older the chores can slowly change and increase but make sure you always try to make it fun.  Praise can go a long way to help their self-esteem and reward charts can be introduced to allow them to save for a treat.








Family Tree and Family Photos

Children love to look through old photos and now with photos being stored on phones and tablets, they sometimes get forgotten about. A rainy day is an ideal time to create a family tree project for children to go through all the photos stored away in drawers and cupboards. Print off some special photos to create a special family project everyone will enjoy.





Gardening Magic

Children love to be outdoors and if you are lucky enough to have a garden, get the children involved in growing plants and taking care of them. Why not grow pumpkins in the summer holidays and by Halloween they should have a large pumpkin to carve. This will make Halloween special knowing they have grown the pumpkin themselves.  If you don’t have garden, you can still grow fruit and vegetables in small pots.  Pots are good for planting strawberries, tomatoes and peppers. Allowing children to grow their own veg is a great way of getting them to eat healthy foods they will enjoy.



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