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The Big Spring Clean – the history and meaning of the spring clean

April 11, 2019



Spring has sprung, the clocks have gone forward and the weather is getting warmer, this makes everyone feel more energised to tackle the big spring clean.


Spring Cleaning is a very old tradition that is passed down from generation to generation. Have you ever wondered why we do a spring clean?


The origin is unclear; however some historians think it originates from Iranian Nowruz, the Persian New Year that falls on the first day of Spring. Iranians continue to practice “Khooneh tekouni” which means “shaking the house” with everything in the house being thoroughly cleaned.


Spring cleaning in the Jewish custom is linked to Passover, which marks the liberation of Jews from slavery in Egypt. Before the holiday commences, cleaning will be done to remove any yeast bread or chametz from the home.


The Catholic tradition is to clean the alter on Maundy Thursday, this is also taken into their homes for preparations for Easter.


The word “Spring Clean” was supposedly first reported in the “Washington Post”.  In the 19th century, the newspaper reported that the yearly big clean took place mainly in the spring. This was due to after a winter in Victorian times, everything was left with layer of soot and grime from coal fires and gas lamps. With the warmer weather arriving, it was easier to open the windows and air the rooms and rid the grime of winter from their homes.



Now in modern times, we want to freshen our homes at spring time and put away the winter throws and lighten the room ready for summer. With the clocks going forward, this gives us longer days to clean away the winter. With more daylight hours brings us more energy as we are getting more vitamin D and our hormones change to give us more get up and go as spring arrives. This gives us more vigour to tackle the deep clean.


A spring clean gives us an opportunity to get the jobs done we don’t usually have time to do, such as cleaning the upholstery and carpets, curtains and pelmets. In the kitchen a deep clean of inside the cupboards is good way of clearing the gadgets that you never use. Cleaning the silver and glassware at this time of year will allow a little sparkle back into the room.




We wish you a “Happy Spring Clean” and if you do not have the time to start a spring clean, let our team of housekeepers help.


Please call today on 0330 333 9234 for more information or email info@elegantini.com.









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