Keeping Pets Safe at Christmas

December 18, 2018


Christmas is the most magical time of year and we love spending it with our pets and our loved ones. The Guardian reported last month that 56% of Brits plan to spend more on their pets than their loved ones at Christmas. So how do we make sure our pets enjoy Christmas as much as we do? At Elegantini we want you and your pets to have festive Christmas and we hope these few tips will keep your beloved pets safe.




Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner is the most important meal of the year and we want to share it with everyone including our pets. It is so tempting to give them some turkey but be careful that no bones are hidden in the meat. Turkey bones become brittle when they are cooked, this could splinter off into sharp pieces and become stuck in the dog’s stomach. If you think this may have happened and the dog has swallowed a piece of turkey bone it is important to take them straight to the vet as it can become infected or perforate the insides of the bowel or abdomen.

When pouring your gravy over your dinner, be careful not give it to cats or dogs. The onion and products containing onion such as gravy can cause gastrointestinal upset and lead to red blood cell damage and anaemia.

Christmas pudding and Christmas cake is the grand finale to our sumptuous dinner but this can be bad for dogs. The currents, raisins and sultanas are toxic for dogs and can cause severe stomach problems. Christmas pudding is usually laden with alcohol which is also poisonous to dogs, so best to keep the Christmas pudding for human consumption only.



Poinsettias and Floral Table Decorations

A poinsettia does brighten a room with the festive red leaves, but these are quite toxic to cats if they digest them. Floral arrangements that decorate the table can also be a hazard, lilies are extremely toxic to cats and if they brush past the pollen stamen this can leave the pollen on their coat and digest it when grooming. Holly, ivy and mistletoe are also poisonous to animals so be extra careful with these when decorating the house with festive greenery.



Bows and Ribbons

We all love dressing our pets up as Father Christmas or a Christmas pudding but be careful of the ribbons as this can be a choking hazard. Do not leave the parcel ribbon lying on the floor as this could also cause a choking hazard. Cats love playing with tinsel but if they swallow parts of the tinsel it could become entangled in their intestines and lead to a costly operation.








Chocolate Treats

Chocolate tree treats and chocolate coins in a stocking are part of our Christmas traditions, but chocolate is poisonous to dogs and cats. The chocolate contains theobromine which is very harmful to our pets and can cause seizures and heart rhythm abnormalities. The darker the chocolate the greater the concentrate is of theobromine. Make sure you do not leave chocolate out in a room when a dog is alone or best still kept it locked away from the dog or cat.



Christmas Tree

There is nothing better than the smell and look for a real Christmas tree, but these can be dangerous to our pets. The pine needles if eaten can puncture internal organs. The pine can cause a skin allergy to the pets as well. When you put the tree in water to stop it drying out, it is important to not allow pets to drink the water as this could be poisonous to pets.














We hope that these tips will help your pets have a happy, safe Christmas and keeps them away from the vets.


Elegantini wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Joyful New Year. If you would like to know more about our housekeeping services, please contact or call 0330 333 9234 for more information.




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