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Can your kitchen make you ill?

June 14, 2018


Our kitchens are the busiest rooms in the home and we all think it is heart of the family home, so it is not surprising that they need more cleaning and attention than other rooms in the house.  Our latest blog looks at the kitchen and items we think are innocent but are quite harmful to us.



Tea Towels

Tea Towels are not at harmless as you think. We all have tea towels hanging in our kitchens, but how often do you change them? A study by the University of Mauritius has found through a study, tea towels have large levels of E-coli. This is due to them being used for different jobs in the kitchen. We may use them for wiping up crockery and then go on to dry our hands on them. The government have a recommendation of changing your dish cloth and tea towel regularly. The BBC news brought this to our attention and you can find out more from their website https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-44401330



Cutting Boards

There has been a big debate over the last few years whether plastic or wooden chopping boards are the best for chopping food. It was thought for a few years that plastic was the best option for keeping clean but now with further studies, it is thought a wooden board is the best option. Plastic is certainly a cheaper option and if they are in a good condition, it is easier to keep clean as can go in the dishwasher. However, overtime knives can leave ridges and dents which bacteria can grow under the surface. Wooden chopping boards are better for the wear and tear on knives and due to wood being a harder material it is less likely to dent and scratch. The only problem with them is that they cannot go in the dishwasher so best to wash them in hot soapy water and then make sure they are completely dry with kitchen paper. For more information please visit http://www.foodsafety.company/2017/02/plastic-vs-wood-chopping-boards.html



Kitchen Sinks and taps

Kitchen sinks can be the dirtiest places in your kitchen. Research was done in 2012 where it was found that more E. coli was in the kitchen sink than a toilet after it has been flushed. It is important to not leave washing up in the sink for long period of times as this builds up the bacteria in the sink. Clean the sink everyday with hot soap water and antibacterial spray, making sure to dry the sink completely with kitchen paper.

Do not forget the kitchen taps, they are just as dirty as your toilet cistern handle with as many germs on them. Always wipe down with anti-bacterial spray every time you use them whilst cooking or washing up.



Coffee Machines and Toasters

Coffee machines are a breeding ground for germs, the drip tray if not cleaned regularly will allow the germs to breed in the tray.  Toasters leave crumbs in the bottom of them and need to be emptied out regularly. Not only is this a health risk with bacteria but can also be a fire risk if they are not emptied out regularly. A toothbrush is a good tip to help get into the small crevices of the toaster.




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