How to Keep Your Dog Happy While at Work

February 28, 2018


We are all working longer hours and our days are busier than ever. This is not so great for our dogs, they really do not like to be left too long.  It may be a good idea to set up a video to see your dog’s behaviour when you leave the home. This will give you a good insight into what they are up to while you are not there and how happy they are.  The recommended time to leave a dog alone is no longer than 3 to 4 hours. So how can we make it easier for our beloved dogs? 

The best plan is to prevent separation anxiety before it happens. If your dog is showing signs of destructive behaviour or anxiety, please seek advise from your vet and ask to be referred to a clinical animal behaviourist. At Elegantini we have housekeepers who are experienced with dogs and housekeeping and have come up with some tips to help you:



Teaching Your Dog it’s OK to be Left alone

It is always best to start teaching right from the beginning of having your dog that it can be fun to be left alone. It is a gradual process and needs to be built up over time. If you increase slowly at your dog’s pace the periods you leave the dog, after a while they will be comfortable with being left. A reward system is the best method so it is not a scary experience of being left alone but a pleasant one. If you build up gradually so the dog does not get to a state of anxiety and reward them for being calm they will learn this is a good experience.




Release the Energy Before Work

Try to give your dog a very long and active walk before you go to work in the morning. This will help to eliminate destructive behaviour and they will feel more content at home when you leave them.

If you are able to arrange for a dog walker to come in and walk your dog while your out this is a great solution to help break up the day.






Toys and balls can help keep your dog entertained for hours. A treasure hunt of toys around the areas the dog is allowed to go to is also great for them as it does keep them stimulated while you are away.







The Kong toy is probably the best toy to help with separation anxiety. If you fill the toy with your dog’s favourite food this will keep them happy for hours, peanut butter is a firm favourite with many dogs.




TV or Radio

To help keep your dog calm, leaving the TV or radio on may help. There are some DVD’s that are specially made for dogs to help keep them calm and amused. Do not put on a loud music radio station, a debating stations would be better or classical music. It has been reported that dogs are calmer when classical music is played to them.




Try to keep to the same routine each day, to help them settle quicker. This needs to be kept up at weekends as well to keep to the same routine of walking them and feeding them. 








Give them a Friend

Another dog will help as a companion and someone to play with while you are not there.










Ask Elegantini to Help
Elegantini offer a service to find you a housekeeper that will come along at lunchtime or time that you prefer to feed the dog, walk the dog and play with them for a little bit. After this they will complete housekeeping chores for you. When you come home you from work, you will have a happy dog as well as lovely clean home.


For more information on a bespoke housekeeping service, please contact Elegantini on 0330 333 9234 or email at,


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