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Surviving the Winter

January 31, 2018




This winter has been a cold one and with snow still falling in many parts of the country, getting through this season has been especially hard for all of us especially the elderly. We are seeing the worst flu season in years along with rises of noro-virus, how can we get through the winter? Blue Monday has just passed on the 15th January and Spring seems too far off in the horizon, how can we survive, here are a few things that may help?



Getting your Vitamin D

During the winter months in the UK we do not get enough vitamin D due to not enough sunlight. So, when we do have the occasional sunny day, try and get out and go for a walk. You can take supplements to top up on the vitamin D during the winter as well. However, a brisk walk in the winter sun will help relieve tiredness and improve your well being. Seasonal affective disorder or SAD is supposed to affect over 2 million people in the UK according to the NHS. If you are unable to get out very easily a light box may help with this disorder.




Due to the cold weather we are naturally less active through the winter months. Exercise is important through the winter to help boost our immune system. It helps to fight off seasonal bugs and viruses. This is because as we exercise blood is pumped around the body to circulate the immune cells, which helps fight infection. While you are excising your body also releases a feel-good endorphin which also helps you feel happier and more positive.



Keep Warm

Trying to stay warm through the winter can be difficult, try to have warm drinks throughout the day. The temperature in your home should be between 18C and 21C. Wearing layers to help keep the warmth in around you may help along with wearing slippers in the home. Try to wear woollen clothes as this work well to trap the air in their complex fibres.

Avoid drinking alcohol before going outside, it may make you feel warm but the blood vessels in the skin expand and this draws the heat away from your vital organs.



Book a holiday or Something to Look forward to

Why is it as soon as the Christmas adverts stop, we are bombarded with holiday adverts’? Psychologists have shown that booking  a holiday will help your mood along with looking forward to a break it can help with your mood and release endorphin's.   If a holiday is out of the budget, a day away or quick city break can have the same effect.



De-clutter your home and life

Now all the decorations are down, along with it being too cold to be outside, spend some time concentrating on de-cluttering. This is a great exercise to help remove clutter from your life and leave you feeling happier with the space you live in along with helping local charities with items you do not want anymore. If you do not have time to de-clutter, Elegantini are happy to offer a housekeeper to manage the de-cluttering for you.





If you would like to have more time to do the fun things in life or you need more help around the home, we will be very happy to help. Please call 0330 333 9234 for more information or email info@elegantini.com.


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