Preparing your home before you jet off on holiday

July 31, 2017



You maybe jetting off to your well-earned holiday, but you do not want to come home to mouldy food and unpleasant smells in the home or even worse a burglary.  Here are just a few tips, we at Elegantini can help with so when you return from your holiday, you will feel happy to be home.



Deep Clean Your Home

Some people ask why are you cleaning when you are not going to be there? However; you do not want to come home to dust and grime with unpleasant smells. Whilst cleaning,  check each room for perishable items, such as flowers which will need binning before leaving. Make sure you change your bedding and keep on top of the washing, you will have enough washing from the holiday luggage when you return. Give an extra deep clean to the kitchen, whilst you are  away as germs and bacteria can build up if it is not cleaned before you leave. Empty your fridge of anything that is going to be out of date and give all your appliances a good wash down with anti-bacterial solution.



Don’t Make Your House Look Abounded

When you go away, do not leave signs that you are not there, especially if you live on a road that has busy traffic. Tidy the garden and cut the grass before you leave and get someone to pop by and water the plants for you every couple of days if it is hot weather to stop them looking unloved. Cancel any deliveries, such as newspapers and ask your friend or neighbour to remove any post from the hallway. Any unsavoury characters seeing lots of post on the hallway floor gives away that you have not been home for a while. Leave the curtains open and try and get a timer for lights to go on at sunset. Leaving a car on the drive also shows that someone is home as well. If you are taking your car to the airport, tell your neighbours to park on the drive while you are away, this works great in towns where parking is a premium. It will build a community to help everyone look after each other houses and builds a great neighbourhood.




 Save Your Posts to Social Media Until Your Home

We all know you want to brag about the swim up bar whilst all your friends are working at home. However social media is not only showing off that amazing beach sunset, it is also letting everyone know you are not home. Recently there has been some media coverage stating that if you post on social media while you are away on holiday, some insurance companies are not paying up if you have to make a claim. It has been reported they are checking social media pages if they make a claim.



Switch It Off

Switch off all your appliances and electrical items that do not need to be left on while away. This will help with your energy bills as well as protecting your home from fire or water damage. If you have fridge with a water dispenser, it is wise to turn it off and any other major appliances in the kitchen.






House sitters

More and more people are having house sitters to not only look after their home while they are away but to take care of their pets. This is a great solution as the house is looked after and the pets are happier to stay at home than go to the kennels.






Have a Professional Clean

While away you can have housekeepers come and deep clean the home for you, water the plants and even feed the fish for you. They can prepare your home for your return, if you have a food shop to be delivered while they are there just before you return you will come home to a lovely clean home and cupboards all stocked for you. All you need to do when you arrive home is put the kettle on and have that cup of tea we all crave for while away.



If you would like more information on housekeeping services or how we can help you with your home while you are away, please call 01304 447228 or visit for more information.


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