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Keeping a Clean Tidy Desk

April 28, 2017


What do you do last thing on a Friday evening as you leave work?


Well I hear you shout, “go to the local pub” or plan the quickest escape to get the weekend started.


What everyone should be doing is clearing and tidying their desks. By doing this; not only will you come in on Monday morning to a tidy and clean desk, it will also prompt you to deal with anything that you forgot about. You know the post-it note that was hiding under the invoices with a telephone call you should have done on Wednesday.


Most companies now have a clear desk policy, which means that the desk should be cleared at the end of the day, every day.  However when you are self-employed or work on your own, this does not usually happen.


We at Elegantini want to help bring calm and order to your working desk, try some of our tips and see if it makes a difference.





Make Your Desk Safe

Now with the data protection legislation, you have to protect the public with their information. Never leave their details lying on your desk for everyone to see. Information that contains confidential information, should be locked in secure filing cabinets. There are so many cloud based CRM packages and some are free as well. This will free up the paper in the office, but also reduce the risk of breaking the Data Protection Legislation. If everything is on a cloud base system, this will allow you to work from anywhere in a protective environment.







Make the Right Impression

If you have visitors come to your office, they will make an impression of you and the office you work in.

We make an impression of someone within the first 7 seconds of meeting someone. It has never been more important to make the right impression to your clients.  Like your home, your desk is a reflection of you. So, if you have an important client coming to visit, make sure that everything is clean and tidy with only the information on the desk that is relevant to the client.




And Breath – Reduce Your Stress Levels

Not only does an untidy desk create an environment that is difficult to work in, but it also can create higher stress levels. How many times have you looked for that important document, when it’s been hidden under a pile of papers? Help reduce your stress levels by organising your desk. It helps to have organisers and a place for everything to help keep it tidy. Germs and bacteria can spread quickly around an office and if you have a messy desk this may help spread germs. Having a clean and tidy desk is good for your health as well as help reduce your stress levels at work.



Bin It

Have a bin that is within easy reach of your desk and always bin or shred the rubbish you do not need. The big mistake is to leave it on the desk, just in case.

We all need to declutter regularly and if in doubt, bin it.








Loose the Clutter

We have all had it, the photos of the kids or dog. The teddies and mascots all collect dust and germs overtime, its best to lose the clutter if possible. We all want the photos to take us back to that amazing holiday, but many offices now use a hot desk system, where no one actually has their own desk, but moves around the office to a desk that is free. It may be best to separate work from your personal life sometimes as well. However you feel about it, try and keep the personal clutter to the minimum.



If you would like to know more about our traditional housekeeping service to help with your home or your desks call today on 01304 447228 or email info@elegantini.com for more information.



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