Top Tips from The Housekeeping Team at Elegantini

February 28, 2017


This month as spring is on its way, we wanted to share our housekeeper’s top tips for housekeeping and cleaning to help you with your spring cleans. We all pick up tips from our parents and grandparents on housekeeping, some of these traditions get passed on and work well today as they did 50 years ago.  Elegantini asked their housekeepers to give their best tips they use, so here are our top tips we would like to share with you.



White Vinegar

Every good housekeeper thinks this should be a must for anyone’s cleaning cupboard.This has been used for years as a traditional remedy for removing odours, however it can be used to get your taps gleaming again, just remember to remove all solution afterwards with warm water and buff for that sparkling shine. We do not recommend you use white vinegar on gold plated taps or marble work tops as the acid will erode the surfaces.

One of housekeepers recommends a great tip to look after your washing machine and keep your clothes coming out fresh every time. Once every few months select the highest temperature on the cycle, add 240 ml or 1 cup of white vinegar to the detergent dispenser and run on an empty cycle to keep your machine clean.



Dirty Sports Socks – Use Carpet Cleaner
Everyone has those white sports socks that after a while go grey and grubby, especially kids after PE. Do not throw them away, try one of our housekeepers recommendations. If you use carpet cleaner on those stubborn stains before washing, afterwards the socks and sportswear will be brilliant white again. 





Stubborn Pans and Baking Trays

After a Sunday dinner, everyone dreads those stubborn stuck on stains on pans or baking trays. How frustrating is it when you go to empty your dishwasher and you find it has not completely washed away yesterday’s dinner? Well our tip is use a dishwasher tablet in the pan before putting it into the dishwasher and allow it soak for a few hours, then wash as normal and will work a treat.





Bicarbonate Soda

Everyone thinks this can only be used for baking, well it is a great housekeeping must as well. Bicarbonate Soda is a natural deodoriser, you can use it remove the awful smell left by vomit or sour milk.If you make it into a paste it is great for removing stubborn stains on upholstery fabric. When the soda paste is rubbed into greasy stains, it can work well to remove them.




Oily Hands

After doing work on a car or DIY, oil can be hard to remove from your hands. Our tip to remove the oil from your hands is to use a zest of orange or lemon, rub vigorously into your hands and will leave them oil free and smelling fruity.






Removing Nail Varnish from Carpets

When you have accidentally knocked nail varnish over on a carpet, do not panic, we may be able to help before you think you need a new carpet. Try using a rubbing alcohol with a lint free cloth and with no dye in the fabric. An old white cotton pillowcase can work well. Wet the stain with the liquid and work into the area, it may take several attempts but will work overtime and save you a new carpet.




Washing Windows

When you are washing your windows, wash them with water, washing up liquid and a sponge; then dry with an old hand towel or Tea towel for always brilliant windows without smear marks or using expensive window products, one of our housekeeper uses this tip every time and works a treat.





A big thank you to our Elegantini Housekeeping for providing their tips this month. If you would like to know more about our housekeeping services, please contact or call 01304 447228 for more information.




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