De-Clutter and Regain Order in 2017

January 30, 2017


So, we are fully into the swing of 2017, have you still stuck to your new year’s resolution? Trends show that de-cluttering your home or getting more organised are amongst the top resolutions people set each year. However, how many manage to keep to that resolution is probably not many.

If this is a resolution you have set, we wanted to help you with a few tips that may help to keep the resolution.



Planning and Filing Storage

Before you start your de-cluttering tasks, make sure you have the correct storage solutions or have enough boxes. If you want to de-clutter properly and not just move items from one area to another, you need to tackle the de-clutter properly. Have boxes or bags ready to put items in for re-cycling or for charity shops. The charity shops are always grateful for donations.

If you are de-cluttering a study or an office, there will be plenty of papers and forms, invoices etc. and this needs to be filed properly. If you run a company or are self-employed you need to keep records for a number of years. However, with laws on data protection you have a duty to make sure all documents are kept secure. Work out the space you have and how you will file the documents you need to keep. Most paper-work can be stored in cloud based storage now to try and eliminate paper. If you do have paperwork make sure to shred all personal documentation.




Start Small and Keep it Simple

Most people give up on de-cluttering and organising as they are overwhelmed by the whole task or try to over complicate the project.  Start with choosing the room you want to tackle first, it might be your lounge, study or kitchen. Whatever room it is, stick to that room first and do not move on till it is completed. 

Now you can start in an area and work around the room, it is a great feeling once you can see one room completed and will spur you on to complete another room.





Do Not Get Distracted and Stay Strong

When you start de-cluttering, make sure you are in a positive strong place before you start. A good tip is to ask yourself, have you used or needed the item for the last 6 months to a year at the most? If the answer is no, then you do not need it. When sorting through sentimental items have a box ready to keep your precious items in, but remember to plan before you start you know where you will store the items when finished. 

Do not attempt too much too soon, maybe try just decluttering 15 minutes a day, within a week you will be amazed at how much progress you have made and space you have back.






Make Money from De-Cluttering

A few years ago, everyone on a Sunday morning would be up bright and early to sell their unwanted stuff in local parks or fields and be chuffed by Sunday lunchtime with some cash in their pocket. Now we are in a new cyber generation. There are plenty of sites to sell unwanted items on, check out the local sites such as Schpock or Pre-loved without having to step foot outside your home. 





Get the Kids Involved

If you have children and cannot move for toys in their rooms, get them to help and make decisions. Keep it simple by making 3 piles; one to keep, one to give away or sell, one to put into storage, such as in the loft. Some teddies and items are just too sentimental to part with but take up so much room, so keep in the loft. Once the toys are sorted, have bright coloured boxes or storage units for the toys they want to keep, this will encourage them to tidy up at the end of the day and look after their toys.




If you would like professional help with de-cluttering or further information on housekeeping, please call us on 01304 447228 for a free no-obligation quotation.







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