Surviving Christmas Day

December 22, 2016




At Elegantini, we wanted to give you our guide to surviving Christmas to help you have a fantastic Christmas. Here are our 5 top tips on how we all get through Christmas:






To have a wonderful Christmas that everyone can enjoy, especially mums and dads who tend to have to do everything you must plan ahead. Write a plan for Christmas dinner with times of when they need to be put in the oven etc. This way when you have had a few sherries, everything will arrive on the table cooked beautifully and you will not be stressed. Squeezing all the relatives into small spaces can be tricky at times and trying to get everyone around the table to sit together is a pursuit in itself. A good tip we have used over the years, is to add a picnic or wallpaper pasting table to extend the dining table. We have also used a large mdf board on top of the existing table to extend it outwards to help with the seating. Always try to prepare as much as you can for the dinner on Christmas Eve, we all sit with the family around the table to prepare the vegetables on Christmas Eve afternoon. Set the table ready for Christmas day on Christmas Eve, try to do as much as you can the day before, that way everyone can relax a little and enjoy the day.





Stay Calm and Avoid the Augmentative Relative


Christmas can be very stressful and  cause a lot of family arguments. You see relatives that you don’t usually spend a lot of time with during the year, so our tip is to avoid conversations about current politics, family feuds or divorces. Agree before the big day with all the adults to keep those conversations for another time. If a certain relative persists, it may be a good time to walk the dog to allow you to step away and stay calm. If you don’t have a dog, make an excuse that you have to help the kids with a toy they have got for Christmas, use any excuse to walk away, you will feel better for doing this. Try to keep a positive mind and see the funny side of things, this will help to lighten sprits.





Smile and Say Thank You


We always get that gift from a relative that we don’t want or need, but that person has taken the time to choose the gift, wrap it and thinks you will love it, so just smile and say thank you.


You can always give it to a charity shop who will be grateful for the donation. With budgets being tight, if you always get presents you don’t want, why not suggest a secret Santa for everyone or try to cap the amount everyone spends on each other.




Family Traditions, Old and New


All families do Christmas slightly differently, as families merge together, it’s important to respect everyone’s traditions. Talk about it before the big day to stop arguments happening on the day and if everyone compromises just slightly, you will have a day where everyone should be happy with their own traditions and some new ones to make new memories for everyone






The Perfect Christmas, only happens in the Movies


The hype to have the perfect Christmas builds every year, but it only ever happens in Movies. If your expectations are achievable it will be a good day, remember it is only one day of the year and Christmas dinner is only really a Sunday dinner with a few extras. If your Brussels are a bit mushy or the turkey gets burnt, it is not the end of world, just laugh and everyone will think it’s a memorable Christmas. If your hosting everyone, try not to do everything yourself, get everyone involved and then you can enjoy the day too. Enjoy the moment with your family, children grow up quickly so watch their faces when they unwrap their presents. Sing carols together with older relatives and have fun with family Charades, Christmas is such a special family time, just enjoy it.




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