5 Tips on Getting the Right Cleaner or Housekeeper

August 25, 2016


It is a very daunting task trying to find a cleaner or housekeeper. You have to trust that person with your home and they are with the people you love most in the world. Hopefully the tips below will help you find your cleaner or housekeeper that you will not want to let go.





  1. Use an Agency or Employ Yourself

Using and agency is usually preferable if you are looking for a cleaner a few hours a week. If you are looking for a full time housekeeper or a live in housekeeper, then employing them yourself may be a better option. With both of these options you can get help from an expert agency to guide you to finding the right person for you and your home. If you are unsure, ask the agency and they will advise you what will suit you best. If you are only looking for a few hours a week a company that can provide you a service with no hassle and puts a professional stance on the contact. If you do not want to have any difficult confrontations with your cleaner if you have an issues, you can go straight to the company to resolve this, making life easier for you. An agency will have insurance in place to safe-guard the cleaner as well as if any damage happens in your home by the cleaner.





2. Always Check References


This is very important and will give you peace of mind, if you are using an agency make sure you that you check they are insured. A good company with do a DBS check on all their employees. It is important to make sure they can work in the UK as well; you could be breaking the law by employing a cleaner who does not have the correct working permit.





3. Have a Contract

Always make sure that you have a contract between you, if you are employing your housekeeper you have a legal obligation to provide an employment contact and you have to make sure you have insurances in place along with informing HMRC of their employment with you. If you are using an agency or company then it’s best to have a contract between you stating the hours you wish for the cleaner to attend, what they are expected to do, cancellation etc.







4.Where is Off Limits and Respecting Your Home


Do you have a particular area in the house you do not want your cleaner to go into?It may be your bedroom or an office; wherever it is make sure you let them know. You may also have a pet and you need to relay the rules with the pets to them.





5. Build a relationship


Your cleaner is a person too and will appreciate being told they are doing a good job, or if you have some constructive criticism, approach them in a professional way; they will appreciate your feedback and will want to make you happy. If you have an agency, this makes it easier to build a relationship with your cleaner, as any problems that arise can be handled with the agency. A lot of people prefer this way as they do not want to have confrontation with their cleaner. However you are paying for a service and you do need to be happy with the service you are getting, so communication is key.



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