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You’re The Boss - 3 Reasons To Start Your Own Business

I’ve been a mumpreneur ever since I had my first baby some 26 years ago now. I knew I needed more freedom, I needed flexibility, and I knew the only person who could provide that for my family was me!

Trust me, my journey with mumprenuership wasn’t an easy one. I’ve tried a whole bunch of different ideas, some that were fabulous, some that weren’t quite as fabulous, and some outright, major fails. Mumpreneurship sure has its challenges, but what career doesn’t right?

One day, I finally had my lightbulb moment and Elegantini was born! I haven’t looked back since. It’s a business I’m incredibly proud of, I work with some amazing individuals, we’re growing quicker than I ever thought imaginable, and now I get to support other people looking to become their own boss.

Here at Elegantini we provide opportunities to those who are looking to take advantage of the self-employed lifestyle, with all the support and encouragement I wished I’d had at the time of starting my business. We’re building a diverse community of housekeepers who are empowered to grow, learn, and build on their exciting futures.

Still looking for reasons to become your own boss? We’ve got more ….

1. Do something for you. When was the last time you did something for you? Creating something you’ll be proud of will give you so much self-satisfaction. It’s going to be scary, you’re going to have to be brave, believe in yourself and be committed to making it happen. Being self-employed will push you outside of your comfort zone. But you’ll love that your work is directly effecting your own business, and you’ll find another level of motivation. When your success depends on you, you’ll develop a mindset you never knew you had!

2. Do something for your family. Whether you’re a single parent or have a partner, your income is obviously important. The financial rewards of having your own business will benefit your whole family. Plus the added bonus of managing your workload around your family’s needs. A lot of workplaces force you to choose between your children and your career. But our housekeepers at Elegantini get to control their one diary; need to finish to do the school run? No problem. Want to have more of balance for you time? Go shopping, catch up with friends, go to the beach, whatever you like, without ever having to ‘ask’ a bosses permission.

3. Be a role model. Every parent desires to be an excellent role model for their child. Many studies have shown that children who have working parents learn the value of hard work and discipline from a young age. Children become more resilient and learn, through watching their parents, to cope with the many demands of everyday life. What better way to teach your child the value of hard work, than inspiring them yourself?

So if you’ve got professional, residential, or commercial cleaning experience and wondering what to do next … We want to hear from you! Join our community of housekeepers and you’ll gain access to a whole bunch of benefits and most importantly you’ll be in the driving seat!

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