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School's Out - Days Out!

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Love it or hate it, it’s that time of year again. Toddlers and teens across the land are preparing their very best “we’re bored”, “are we there yet”, “no one understands me”, hyperactive, temper tantrum, manic meltdown routine. So we're here with a list of ideas to help battle boredom this summer.

We’ve all been there. We know. Oh we know.

Just a friendly pointer, pick a day out that you know your kids will actually enjoy. I mean, we can’t please everyone. And we know how hard it can be finding a day out that has something for everyone. But rest assured no one wants to go to a garden centre, or for a random long drive, they especially don’t want to go to the local shopping centre with you.

Our advice (Which is why we arrogantly assume you’re here?) would be to pick an activity where everyone can blow off some steam. Somewhere where energy can be burnt off. Ideally somewhere that will engage and expand little minds, and just for a little while at least, provide some escapism and distraction.

But what shall we do? We hear you scream. Fear not, below we’ve listed our Housekeepers favourite family days out in and around Kent.

It's time to get booking for a summer everyone can remember. We think you deserve it!

Sandy Toes

Looking for those beach vibes? Take a trip to the coast.

Hire your some deck chairs, pack a picnic. Some beaches are even decked out with trampolines and inflatables! Bound the keep the entire family occupied for a few hours.

And we’re spoilt for choice here in Kent, we have abundant beautiful beaches to pick from. Spoilt for choice? Check out The Beach Guide for advice:

Take a Dip

The best way to cool off, burn energy, and have some fun? Well obviously we’re talking about swimming.

There are plenty of outdoor swimming pool facilities in our county. Check out Kent Online’s article for a few ideas:

Trip to the Zoo - What a Keeper

Have fun and learn at the zoo. We have a number of zoos and wildlife parks around Kent, and what a weird and wonderful variety of animals you can see. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of seeing an animal in real life that you’ve only ever seen on TV or your phone screen. The zoo can also expose young ones to entirely new words, concepts and an awareness of the world.

Day Out With The Kids, has done a brilliant job of rounding up the best zoos and wildlife parks in Kent. Helping you to discover the brilliant family attractions near you.

A Royal Day Out

Combat boredom with a sprinkling of culture. Visit a castle. Kent is bursting with historical buildings and architecture. Castles help us to become more curious, history doesn’t have to be stuffy and boring, it can be an exciting adventure for the whole family. It’s a chance to let the imagination run free, climb spiralling stairways, peep through battlements, explore secretive passageways, appreciate unusual decoration, witness some pretty spectacular views and have a moment to relive the past.

The Londonist has put together a rather comprehensive list, highlight their top 15 beautiful castles to visit in Kent (and we happen to agree):

Roll on the Good Times

Strap on those roller skates, hop on that bike, jump on that skateboard, secure those elbow and knee pads, fix the helmet and roll onto the top skate parks, cycloparks, and roller disco’s in Kent.

Activities like this are great for community life, getting your kids out there having fun, socialising and developing new skills. What’s not to love?

Follow My Kent Family’s essential guide to have a wheelie good time this summer:

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